Understanding Green Building

There are hundreds of websites devoted to green building. Many sites show how to insulate using different material, recommendations on how to heat and cool a new home, and everything else you need to know to build a new home.

The Best source I have ever found is Green Builder Magazine .The writers have extensive hands on experience and are very knowledgeable about works and doesn’t work.


Building America Energy solutions for new homes

Fannie Mae Energy efficient loans or mortgages (eem)

EnergyStar Energystar program is a government program to monitor and improve new homes.

Housing Zone Articles for builders and homeowners on building practices.

Build IQ Extensive resource list of good building practices

American Institute of Architects Architects guideline for green building.

Building Science How to design and build.

EnergyStar Tax Credits Federal tax credits for energy efficiency: Energy star qualified homes.

InsulStar Great site to understand reasons for using foam, and the different kinds of foam.

Builder Books Website for National Association of Home Builders Bookstore.

Green Builder College Educational opportunity